Artur Cimirro

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Artur Cimirro - 05/19/06 08:06 PM

I found this pianist's homepage while surfing. Here it is:

I'm curious if anyone has heard anything about him since his homepage has some amazing (hard for me to believe)information about him IMHO.

Although only 24 he has around 110 concerti in his repertoire and his solo repertoire includes works by at least 100 different composers. His first solo recital consisted of Liszt: Dante Sonata and b minor Sonata, Ravel:Gaspard, Stravinsky:Petrouchka. He has only been playing piano for around 10 years.
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Re: Artur Cimirro - 05/19/06 11:21 PM

dosen't sound quite right to me \:\)
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Re: Artur Cimirro - 05/20/06 07:12 AM

To me it's not unbelievable at all. Look at this pianist's home page and his REPERTORY, particularly:
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Re: Artur Cimirro - 08/15/08 11:38 AM

This pianist has some AMAZING piano transcriptions and compositions. VERY talented
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Re: Artur Cimirro - 06/08/10 04:59 AM

I have just seen this clip that is quite amazing:

If Cimirro really has all those things transcribed that he has listed on his website, that's quite an achievement at this young age:
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Re: Artur Cimirro - 06/08/10 10:34 AM

Artur has posted regularly for many years at pianophilia and GFF.

I'm surprised you don't know him.

He's an extraordinarily talented pianist.