Beethoven's First Concerto

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Beethoven's First Concerto - 05/17/03 04:45 PM

Hey everybody, I think I'm leaning towards playing the Beethoven First Concerto!

Any advice on this piece is GREATLY accepted, regarding all aspects of the piece.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Beethoven's First Concerto - 05/18/03 03:28 PM

Originally posted by Beephlatminor
I haven't learned all the scales yet because before I couldn't be bothered and before I could play E major I played the Tschaikovsky first concerto!!! I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.

If you can play tchaikovsky's concerto then the easiest Beethoven concerto should be no problem at all. ;\)
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Re: Beethoven's First Concerto - 05/18/03 05:16 PM

It's not bad. You need clean scales and the ability to voice chords well.

And ditto to above, if you've played the Tchaikovsky concerto, then Beethoven 1 will be a walk in the park.
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Re: Beethoven's First Concerto - 05/18/03 09:30 PM

Actually if you re-read that post I said that I had struggled through the first movement. SOrry if I didn't make myself clear on that.
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Re: Beethoven's First Concerto - 05/19/03 12:31 AM

Well, just pull it out and read through it a bit. As for advice, it's pretty straightforward - listen well, play cleanly, pedal sparingly, the usual classical stuff...