New Feature - Birthday Cake

Posted by: Piano World

New Feature - Birthday Cake - 08/31/04 09:13 AM

Just something silly.

When a member posts on their birthday, a birthday cake will show up automatically near their avatar.

Like this:

It will only be there on the persons birthday, then disappear again for another year.

Also, if you look at the bottom of the main forums page, you should see a list of today's birthdays.

(Taken automatically from our Forums Calendar Where you can see all the birthdays and events)
Posted by: Piano World

Re: New Feature - Birthday Cake - 09/01/04 11:10 AM

Posted by: kluurs

Re: New Feature - Birthday Cake - 09/01/04 11:30 AM

way cool

Happy birthday Derick...

You already gave yourself the birthday present - that wonderful Bosie. Hope this is a good day - and year for you.