Upright Piano help !!

Posted by: Doris

Upright Piano help !! - 11/04/04 01:43 AM

I'm hoping you can help me, I'm going to sell an upright piano (probably on ebay) for my boyfriends brother and before i go ahead I'd like to try and find out the approx value/age etc.

I'm not a piano expert ............ I've looked all over the piano and all I can find is

"49599" inside the top bit
"JB" inscribed on the back of the wood
"289A" inside the bottom bit.
The little discs on the front read :-
"Carl Strauss" engraved on the front
"Sveciale Norvegiae/Carolus Rex"
"Goth et Vandal"
"International Invention Exhibition 1887"
"1881 Kra.kau honorib causas"
Can you help me ??

Yours hopefully
Posted by: sarah_blueparrot

Re: Upright Piano help !! - 11/04/04 04:57 AM

Can I have it? \:D Where do you live? I'll give you 20 for it.. \:D
Posted by: Doris

Re: Upright Piano help !! - 11/04/04 05:52 AM

Hi, thanks for your offer. I'm still waiting to find out more about it before I sell it. I live in the West Midlands.
Posted by: Ancient Upright

Re: Upright Piano help !! - 07/06/05 12:40 PM

Most pianos are worth over 100 US dollars, at least it would be a minimum bid. Someone who sees it's value will keep bidding until they get it. \:D