Music term dictionary

Posted by: tonyf

Music term dictionary - 10/20/05 08:06 PM

As an adult returning after too many years, I don't recall the meaning of a number of term such as arpeggios and it wouold be nice to have aan online dictionary of music terms explanation.
Posted by: DCshoesGIRL

Re: Music term dictionary - 12/23/05 07:24 PM

There are many good sites....this is one, hope it helps.
Posted by: matthewpiano

Re: Music term dictionary - 01/02/06 08:16 AM

As an alternative, Rhinegold Publishing in the UK, publish a stunning Music Dictionary which comes in three parts:

Book 1: A-Z Dictionary of Music
Book 2: Notated examples
CDs: Recorded examples

Everything is cross referenced and the whole lot comes in a slip case for 75.00. Worth a look!