Piano Lesson - Online - Free?

Posted by: tryel

Piano Lesson - Online - Free? - 06/25/09 12:01 PM

Is there any sites Piano Lesson online? For free? Systematic Lesson?

Sorry for idiotic question . .

Posted by: mozbach

Re: Piano Lesson - Online - Free? - 07/14/09 05:57 PM

I looked up for it on the web. the only thing I found is online theory class Ashby musical enterprise which is the cheepest. the other one is Berklee music online which is fearly expensive.
Is it for instrument online course????
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Re: Piano Lesson - Online - Free? - 08/04/09 12:06 AM

Don't go the free on line route. Get a qualified teacher for at least a couple of years. I have given thousands of piano lessons and I can tell you that software learners, self taught students, and students who had totally unqualified teachers have a terrible time "unlearning" all of the bad habits they picked up in their formative stage. I would go so far as to say that the vast majority of them never "unlearn" the bad habits and also never become piano players. People would be far better off paying for the first couple years of lessons and then for the motivated student, go the self taught route after proper form, rhythm, music reading, etc are all learned. Even then, a teacher can be of enormous benefit.
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Re: Piano Lesson - Online - Free? - 08/24/09 02:20 PM

I think there are online piano lessons for free. I just do not vouch for the quality of instruction or tutorial. You will probably have a stream of advertisement and so on.
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Re: Piano Lesson - Online - Free? - 07/07/14 01:26 AM


You need a qualified piano teacher to help you how to play piano correctly and learn music theory.

Good luck!

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