Pianodisc IQ

Posted by: snelson

Pianodisc IQ - 09/10/09 05:49 PM

Does anyone happen to know the difference between the Pianodisc IQ and the IQ Supreme? The dealer recommended the installation of the IQ Supreme (retailing for $9,995 but installing for $5495. I do not see the defintion of the components included in the Supreme, only the IQ system. Thanks.
Posted by: snelson

Re: Pianodisc IQ - 09/10/09 05:51 PM

Sorry, but it was called the IQ Extreme (supposed top of the line) not the supreme.
Posted by: StevenG

Re: Pianodisc IQ - 09/12/09 05:28 PM


Can't help you specifically, but you may save some money if you just got the PiaonoDisc CD and add a MP3 player as I did. Simple as plugging in an audio cable to the back of the PianoDisc CD player and your choice of mp3 player - be it a IPod, Sansa Fuze (my choice) or Microsoft Zune.

Steve/Dayton OH