Just to nitpick

Posted by: SirHuddlestonFudd

Just to nitpick - 07/27/12 02:17 PM

There are three styles of grammar used by PianoWorld in its use of the phrase "Piano Teachers [sic] Forum". It's:

1. "Piano Teachers Forum" on the breadcrumbs above.
2. "Piano Teacher's Forum" on the forum title. This I think is incorrect. That means it's the forum owned by one piano teacher.
3. "For Piano Teacher's" it announces under the title. This is the most egregious. I think PW means "For Piano Teachers" in the same way that "apples are for eating" not "apple's are for eating".

I know, people hate this. But if I kid constantly played a C major scale sometimes using C flat, sometimes C natural, and sometimes C sharp, you would correct him or her. Just had to mention, it was killing me.
Posted by: SirHuddlestonFudd

Re: Just to nitpick - 07/27/12 02:18 PM

Really, I'm not trying to be a jerk. (It just comes naturally.) I just felt the need to point it out. Sorry.
Posted by: ten left thumbs

Re: Just to nitpick - 07/27/12 02:31 PM

It has been pointed out before. You are right. No need to apologise.
Posted by: Ben Crosland

Re: Just to nitpick - 07/27/12 02:33 PM

Yeah, nothing annoy's me quite as much as the bad use of apostrophe's.
Posted by: JeanieA

Re: Just to nitpick - 07/27/12 02:58 PM

I actually carry Sharpie's in my purse to correct all those bad sign's and menus's errors's. No worry's. grin
Posted by: malkin

Re: Just to nitpick - 07/27/12 04:16 PM

Your right, but as long as their are ten misteak's or less its ok.