Making a return to the piano!

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Making a return to the piano! - 04/17/04 11:51 PM

I'm new here and I'm looking for some advice.

I spent about 6 years (from age 7-13) with a classical piano teacher, but classical piano wasn't "cool" to me at the time, so I finally gave it up. What I gained from those years was a wonderful foundation of theory. I stayed out of music for about a year or two and then picked up the guitar--which has been my life since (I'm 20 now). I've been teaching fingerstyle guitar for the last two years, and I love it, but for the last while I've really been wishing I played the piano.


Today I found an old copy of Pachelbel's Canon in D and sit down to a keyboard for the first time in a LONG time. I had a great time. I think I really want to devote some time and get back into classical piano again. Could anybody offer me some tips or advice? Some recommendations on pieces would be wonderful.


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Re: Making a return to the piano! - 04/19/04 04:39 PM

I'm sure one of the teachers on this forum will answer you soon. Meanwhile I'll jump in with a suggestion. I'm in the same situation you are. I find that I have too many demands on my time right now to get involved with lessons or a teacher.

Here's what I did. I ordered a book on piano literature from Amazon. Don't have the book with me at work, but the author was Jane Magrath (I think that's right, pretty sure about the last name, it's the first name I'm having a problem remembering). The book lists tons of pieces in the literature arranged by period and gives their grade level.

Find a few pieces you can play and note the grade level. Then look at her descriptions of other pieces that are at a similar grade level.

I also bought a plastic-comb bound Amsco collection of classical piano music (vols I and II). These were in my local Barnes and Noble and I also saw them on Amazon. That provided a lot of new pieces to look at.

I'm actually kind of hooked on the Mendelssohn Songs Without Words now, and just ordered the Henle Urtext from

Hope this helps and that one of the piano teachers will answer you soon. Best of luck and have fun!
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Re: Making a return to the piano! - 04/22/04 12:27 PM

Find yourself a good teacher. I did.


Absolute beginner at 38.
Playing Scarlatti at 41.
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Re: Making a return to the piano! - 06/03/04 02:12 PM

I just resumed lessons after 17 years. I took lessons 5-6 and again 11-18. I went back to finish my associates degree and need to do 15 units of classes in residence... soooo applied piano is one. \:\)

I too have the Amsco books mentioned, and all my books from my younger days...

I am in my mid 30's.... I would like to go to a 4 year college and get a BM.... I feel like I am dusting cobwebs, but I LOVE IT!
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Re: Making a return to the piano! - 06/06/04 08:57 PM

IMHO, if you have a lot of demands on your time, that is one of the best reasons to get a teacher. First, they will quickly zero in on what you know and what you don't know. They'll help you with the latter, and you won't waste time reviewing stuff you already know. Second, they know the piano literature well, and can steer you to pieces that are within your grasp (but still a stretch)--you won't waste your time acquiring and working through pieces that you will not be able to finish in a reasonable amount of time. Finally, with demands on your attention it's just too easy to let your piano slide. With a teacher, that you're paying money to, there's less tendency to do that.

At least that was my experience.