Kawai RX5 poor tone Eb4-G5???

Posted by: peterS

Kawai RX5 poor tone Eb4-G5??? - 05/20/13 01:07 PM

I own a 1999 Kawai RX-5 purchased about 4 years ago, that apparently is a gray market instrument. The serial # indicates that it was not originally intended for U.S. distribution. That said, the piano sounds rich, full and pleasing in most respects. The low bass could be a bit bigger but the overall sonority from the low end through the middle is really pretty great. Eb4-G5 however, is a problem. The tone in that specific range is thin and doesn't sustain terribly well. From Ab5 on up it rings beautifully. Tuners have noticed that the hammers have been filed and shaped (not terribly well) across the entire instrument. Any thoughts on how to remedy this problem would be greatly appreciated. I am in the greater Chicago area.
Posted by: SMHaley

Re: Kawai RX5 poor tone Eb4-G5??? - 05/20/13 03:33 PM

Get recommendations to have a good technician properly shape and voice the hammers and check up on the regulation too while they're at it. Worse case would be new hammers.
Posted by: ando

Re: Kawai RX5 poor tone Eb4-G5??? - 05/20/13 09:58 PM

Non-tech opinion: I found all the RX Kawais to be weak in that range anyway.