3 for 3 today

Posted by: Bob

3 for 3 today - 01/31/09 10:52 PM

Three 100 cent + pitch raises today. Steinway 45, Baldwin console, and Yamaha studio. Broke and tied a bass string on the Steinway, shimmed the keyslip out and eased keys on the Baldwin, and the Yammie had broken butt cords. I was glad to get home!
Posted by: rysowers

Re: 3 for 3 today - 01/31/09 10:59 PM

Sounds like Miller time!
Posted by: Matthew Lavender RPT

Re: 3 for 3 today - 02/01/09 09:01 AM

Seems like the 100 cent plus pianos come in spurts, at least for me. I'll be tuning merrily along with pianos that only require a single pass or the occasional 20 cent pitch raise. Then out of the blue I get a week where it seems that just about every piano I come across is near or beyond a half step flat. I'd say that it's counterbalanced by the fact that I also prep new pianos but a lot of times those pianos come out of the box 20-30 cents SHARP. O.O
Posted by: Dave Stahl

Re: 3 for 3 today - 02/01/09 09:38 AM

Sounds like a tough day, Bob. I hope you were wearing protective eyewear....
Posted by: UnrightTooner

Re: 3 for 3 today - 02/01/09 12:25 PM

They say that bad things come in threes. So now you are set for a good week!