Hi all!!!

Posted by: The French Tickler

Hi all!!! - 01/11/13 12:27 PM

Hallo, I am new to piano but I am very much loving it! I recieved a Yamaha keyboard as gift from my old Papa and it is very nice. I am learning but it is hard!! I cant make my fingers go fast. blush

Is there some exercize that I may try to get better?

Merci smile
Posted by: wouter79

Re: Hi all!!! - 01/11/13 04:51 PM


Just keep working on it and consider getting a teacher!
Posted by: Whizbang

Re: Hi all!!! - 01/11/13 07:16 PM

To go fast, practice sloooooow.
Posted by: Mark...

Re: Hi all!!! - 01/11/13 07:42 PM

The troll has left the building...