Cincinnati/Ohio Piano Group?

Posted by: mikhailoh

Cincinnati/Ohio Piano Group? - 08/22/04 05:57 AM

Hi all... is there, to anyone's knowledge, a Cininnati or other Ohio adult beginners group? I would be much interested in joining, or start such a thing!

I like my wine tasting groups but I have to stay away from that stuff more and more... allergies, calories, plus I really play a lot worse after a couple glasses of wine.

Posted by: Like2Play

Re: Cincinnati/Ohio Piano Group? - 09/18/14 04:01 PM

Michael, did you ever find or form such a group? I'm a beginner student and think I could benefit from such a group.
Posted by: earlofmar

Re: Cincinnati/Ohio Piano Group? - 09/18/14 08:23 PM

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