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www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 01/02/07 08:43 PM

This is my first post here... and I don't even play the piano! However, I love listening to piano music and get a real buzz about discovering new works and new favourite pianists.
I particularly enjoy Contemporary Instrumental (Piano) / Classical cross-over. I have over 1000 piano CDs, and spend far too much time listening to them!
Out of love for the music I hear and a wish to share it with others, I have deigned a very (very!) simple website: www.piano-heaven.co.uk
The idea behind this is to showcase my favourite piano CDs, by pianists (most of them classically trained) such as Kostia (Russia), Ludovico Einaudi (Italy) and Karen Marie Garrett (USA). I have reviewed my thirty favourite piano CDs. There are audio samples too. I have just finished interviewing Karen Marie Garrett, and that is on the site as well.
I am very new to this- I know it is nothing fancy, but I am really trying to "spread the word" and promote their work. Hand on heart, I love each CD I have included. The site is purely a labour of love. I have read the rules carefully, and I think it is appropriate to post this on this particular Forum- apologies if it is not.
I have included a link to Piano World on the home page, although someone has just e-mailed me to say they cannot see the logo! Another problem!!!
Anyway, I was hoping some of you might like to take a look, and if you have got any ideas as to how I can spread the word further (here or elsewhere), then please post here!
ps: I am not a musician- the reviews are written as a casual piano lover.
pps: As I said, I'm a real novice- the site looks best in Internet Explorer. Apologies if things do not look right or work properly in anything else.
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Re: www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 01/02/07 08:58 PM

Very cool website!
you should learn how to play!

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Thank you, Matt. I was rather apprehensive about posting here, but all seems to be fine!
When I was younger, I was given the opportunity to have piano lessons, but I played a considerable amount of sport, so declined. However, I still get little melodies playing around in my head, and find it frustrating I can do nothing with them.... so definitely one day, yes!
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Re: www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 05/30/08 11:45 AM

Piano-Heaven has had a facelift. Quite a few new reviews as well, so anyone who likes beautiful, relaxing piano music might like to check out the site. Recent recipients of the Piano-Heaven award are Wayne Gratz, Bernward Koch, David Hicken and Elijah Bossenbroek.

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Re: www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 09/20/08 11:06 AM

For those of you who enjoy relxing and melodic piano music, you may be interested in the interview with Ralph Zurmühle which I have just posted at Piano-Heaven. It's quite possible that you will find other musicians and music of interest whilst you are there.

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Re: www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 12/13/08 08:43 PM

Another facelift- another redesign and make over. Anyone with an interest in Contemporary Piano Music (or "New Age") might like to pay a visit.

Thank you.

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Re: www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 05/06/09 01:19 AM

Awesome site.
I posted a link to your site
on my website: Helpful Linux Links and Piano Links

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Re: www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 08/03/11 04:27 PM

Thank you!!

I have just finished reviewing six new piano albums that have made Piano-Heaven status. These include work by Michele McLaughlin, Carly Comando, Eric Harry, Brule, Brian King and the Whispering Solo Piano Volume 1 CD. There are samples from most of the tracks on the site. Enjoy!

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Re: www.piano-heaven.co.uk - 04/09/12 09:14 AM

For those of you who enjoy original and contemporary solo-piano music, you may be interested to knnow a new review has been added to Piano-Heaven- 'Breathing in the Moment' by the highly talented Michele McLaughlin. Fifteen gorgeous compositions well worth checking out. Also, a review of Christine Rayner's authorised take on the most beautiful Ludovico Einaudi compositions -all in a good cause (Cancer)- will be published soon.