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Ars Hispana Project - 02/21/10 01:59 PM

Ars Hispana is a project dedicated to the recovery of the Spanish musical patrimony through the publication of studies and work editions, mainly unpublished, composed from 16th to 19th centuries.

We have just published 30 harpsichord sonatas by Sebastián Albero (1722-1756):

More Spanish keyboard music will be released very soon.
I hope it would be of your interest.

Ars Hispana
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Re: Ars Hispana Project - 03/03/13 10:14 AM

Ars Hispana Project has recently released these publications:

Jose Teixidor y Barcelo (ca. 1752 - ca. 1814)

Harpsichord sonatas:
Sonata for harpsichord or fortepiano:

Jose Nono (1776-1845)

Six piano sonatas:

Felix Maximo Lopez (1742-1821)

"Minuet Afandangado" Variations: