Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc.

Posted by: inlovewithit

Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/17/09 11:56 PM

Hey guys!

I'm a pianist thinking about buying some transcription software like Transcribe! or The Amazing Slow-Downer.

Is either of these or any other software the best for pianists? Are they all about the same? I [/i]think[i] that most people using this kind of software are not pianists. Is that correct?

Does this kind of software work well for piano?

Thanks for any comments/suggestions!
Posted by: etcetra

Re: Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/18/09 05:25 AM

I use amazing slow downer all the time.. Some of the stuff I transcribe are just too fast to transcribe real time, and amazing slow downer has been extremely helpful. It also allows me to double check what I transcribed.

I don't know what/how much you transcribe, but If you transcribe a lot then I'd definitely recommended it.
Posted by: knotty

Re: Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/18/09 06:40 AM

I use transcribe! all the time. I mean it, all the time, for just about everything.

I use it to slow down and learn solos.
I use it to play only one channel out of 2 (play-along-tracks)
I use it to fine tune record that are not properly in tune
I use it to transpose play-along when I want to work on them in a different key.

The great features of Transcribe! are being able to do all those things on the fly.
Also make markers in tunes and save them. So you can split a solo in 30 parts, and learn whatever you want, or remember and find out easily when so-and-so starts or ends, mark choruses, etc ...

I use it for piano, sax, clarinet, harmonica and cello.

I had a free version of Amazing slow downer come with a cello book. I thought the quality was really good. But the free version didn't have enough features so I didn't really use it.
Posted by: MonksDream

Re: Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/19/09 05:35 PM

All of the software described is extremely useful no matter what instrument you play. If you're on a Mac you may also want to try out Capo.
Posted by: JazzPianoEducator

Re: Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/19/09 09:46 PM

I use transcribe--it has been the best one out there for me...
Posted by: Swamp Crocodile

Re: Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/22/09 11:26 PM

Hi here is my suggestion:
get one of these devices

I know: you can do the same with transcribe et al, but this is gizmo you can take anywhere,you can store up to 1gb of mp3 of pieces you are working on.
For me it is worth every penny (browse for better prices, I bought mine in amazon)

end of my two cents
Posted by: Larry B

Re: Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/23/09 11:13 AM

For me, Transcribe! was the only one that helped me figure out a chord for which slowing down was not sufficient. At first I thought that the visual display of tones present in the time slice you're looking at was a gimmick, but at times, it's exactly what I need to get it right.
Posted by: etcetra

Re: Transcription software - Transcribe!, etc. - 05/23/09 11:13 PM

you can do that on transcribe! ?? gee all that time wasted trying to figure 5 seconds worth of solo piano music :X