No Quarter

Posted by: ABC

No Quarter - 11/06/09 01:03 PM

How many years are required aprox. in order to play this piece?Thanks.
Posted by: Othello

Re: No Quarter - 11/07/09 12:12 AM

Do you mean to play exactly as it is written? I guess someone who has moderate technique should taken it down at no time.
Posted by: limavady

Re: No Quarter - 11/07/09 12:54 AM

I remember learning this on guitar and it was fairly easy....selective picking using a Db minor and then a couple of other chords and then the signature bass riff at the shouldn't be too hard for piano but thanks for the idea I'll have to give it a try. ----One guy on youtube was also showing how to play "babe i'm Gonna leave You", also a pretty cool single note piece.