"Limonaire", piano piece.

Posted by: sedonepix II

"Limonaire", piano piece. - 09/24/12 03:04 AM


Here is my new little piano piece called "Limonaire" ("Musical box"). I composed it, because I very love simple melodies from little musical boxes I usually see in one antique shop, but never buy...
Hope, I catch the right tune :-).

Posted by: Ben Crosland

Re: "Limonaire", piano piece. - 09/24/12 01:56 PM

Hi SedonpixII - I listened to this a couple of times today, and thought it was lovely. In fact, please let me know if the score becomes available, as I think it would be nice to share with my students.
Posted by: Nikolas

Re: "Limonaire", piano piece. - 09/24/12 03:31 PM

You certainly did catch the right tune! Thanks for sharing! Lovely!
Posted by: R0B

Re: "Limonaire", piano piece. - 09/24/12 08:18 PM

Hello SedonpixII,

I very much enjoyed this piece smile

The 'musical box' reference attracted me, as I too, was inspired by a musical box belonging to my late mother.

It is not as pretty as your tune, but if you want, you can listen to it here:

I look forward to hearing more from you.