Help: Tune in the manner of Bach from "Amadeus"

Posted by: pinkfloydhomer

Help: Tune in the manner of Bach from "Amadeus" - 12/29/12 03:50 PM

I have always loved the Bach-imitation in this scene:

I don't know who wrote it and I can't seem to find any sheet music for it (or even a midi-file).

All I can find is this

and this

I am not sure how accurate they are. For instance, the sheet music of the first one has parallel fifths, which I doubt that any Bach imitation would have.

Also, I took the sheet music from the first one and put it into MuseScore. The resulting pdf can be downloaded here:

Could someone with a better ear than me please make an accurate transcription to sheet music of this miniature fugue?
Posted by: Sean Montgomery

Re: Help: Tune in the manner of Bach from "Amadeus" - 12/29/12 05:04 PM

Hi there

The first example (score) is very inaccurate - the last two bars alone are all over the place - the treble rises to an F in the film - in the score it only rises to an E. In the last bar, the treble B and A semiquavers (in the score) are not part of the melody in the film - they are passing notes and as such completely skew the timing. What is even more interesting is that the audio file that plays as the score is displayed bears no resemblance to the score. I am away for the vacation with no access to my scoring software (Notion) but could do this for you in the New Year is you can wait?

Best wishes,

Posted by: pinkfloydhomer

Re: Help: Tune in the manner of Bach from "Amadeus" - 12/30/12 10:48 AM

That would be great!

You would be the first one (on the web at least) to accurately transcribe this little piece of music from a very well-known movie. A lot of music lovers would be very grateful smile

Do you really think that you would be able to do this accurately from the original movie clip?

Best wishes,