Have I gone too Chopin?

Posted by: FSO

Have I gone too Chopin? - 01/26/13 11:29 AM

I wasn't trying to emulate him at all, but I just can't help but feel that, essentially, that's what's happened (though not as far as quality is concerned; I'm not so arrogant just yet laugh )...sorry I haven't a score to show, but, um, if you've the time to listen to a thankfully short little...thingy, I'd be very much obliged. I just...obviously, I'd hope to steer clear of sounding like just a cheap version of someone else...unless that's okay? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLjcwPs3jbQ
Thank you for very much for your time!
Posted by: 1wiki1

Re: Have I gone too Chopin? - 01/27/13 02:57 PM

It sounds really good!
It has the "Chopin feeling" but it´s still yours and I think you did a really great job! smile
Posted by: ju5t1n-h

Re: Have I gone too Chopin? - 02/02/13 10:04 PM

Wow - job well done! Again as yourself and 1wiki1 said, Chopin feeling correct. Chopin was one of the best and to have a piece that feels even slightly like his, is a compliment in itself.
Posted by: GregSTB

Re: Have I gone too Chopin? - 02/09/13 08:48 PM

i love that melody!! so nice to hear.
Posted by: Derulux

Re: Have I gone too Chopin? - 02/13/13 12:18 AM

Very nice. If I might offer one very minor suggestion, consider the "cracks" at around 0:41. Everywhere else you have such a clear and ringing note soaring over the bass, that in this one place, the major(?) 2nd sounds out of place. I thought maybe a grace note, but when I listened a second time, I would consider creating a greater harmonic contrast or getting rid of it.

Very solid piece, though. I liked it very much. Is there a score?