Welcome All Musicians!

Posted by: Piano World

Welcome All Musicians! - 05/25/01 10:13 PM

We would like to welcome all musicians.

You can use this forum for music relate discussions that aren't about the piano.

For piano discussions, please choose one of the piano-specific forums.


Frank Baxter
Piano World
Posted by: to-be-a-pianist

Re: Welcome All Musicians! - 11/28/01 02:06 PM

This is really an interesting site for musicians and pianists,,I just wondered, what is a member rated "stars" mean?Does this stars menas something?
Thanks \:\) \:\)
Posted by: Piano World

Re: Welcome All Musicians! - 11/30/01 07:38 AM

The stars are how our members rate each other. Mostly just for fun. It is a way of telling someone who is very helpful that you appreciate their help.

Frank B.
Piano World
Posted by: Froglegs

Re: Welcome All Musicians! - 08/30/11 08:59 PM

I dont think that rating people in stars is the best thing to do.
Posted by: PassingBy

Re: Welcome All Musicians! - 11/09/11 08:56 PM

Oh well, at least it's a good forum for everything! laugh
Posted by: Albert8100

Re: Welcome All Musicians! - 01/11/12 12:57 AM

Hi,This is a nice web site. Good fresh interface and nice informative sharing for musicians and pianists.
I would be happy after entering this wonderful forum which might be nice and interesting ideas from lovely people here .
Posted by: David Sun

Re: Welcome All Musicians! - 03/12/12 03:27 PM

Hi there, I'm still rather new to forum posting in general, but I feel like I'm settling in nicely here! It's lovely to be able to communicate with such friendly & enthusiastic like-minded pianists & musicians smile

Looking forward to more!
Posted by: Jude26

Re: Welcome All Musicians! - 03/17/13 10:03 PM

This is really great forum. I am here a few time and very like it

Nice to meet everyone