I've found a great website!

Posted by: jgoo

I've found a great website! - 02/07/02 12:33 AM


This is a website where young composers have submitted their works and you can listen to them. These composers are talented. You can also submit your own compositions. Its fun to listen to the copositions of others. There are peices for all kinds of instruments. Just click on earlier works on the main page and then pick the gerene (sp?) that you want to listen to. Of course, I've only listened to the classics.
Posted by: mrenaud

Re: I've found a great website! - 02/07/02 10:56 AM


I'm active at the forum there. This is actually the only part of the site that is still active. The company who runs YC has run out of money, and there will be no more updates. Don't bother submitting your pieces.

However, have a look at the forum, it's still being used, though most of the threads go off-topic after a few posts...
Posted by: jgoo

Re: I've found a great website! - 02/07/02 10:11 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I was going to submit a few things.
Posted by: Mat D.

Re: I've found a great website! - 02/18/02 04:58 PM

It's an excellent concept--I wish they had not limited it to Midi Files--I wish they would at least let the composers submit mp3 files so we could here these compositions rendered closer to what the composer had in mind--on his own equipment w/the proper voicing for each instrument; certainly not all midi equip is created equal---in fact there are no high-end General Midi sound modules out there--it's unfortunate. Even Beethoven can sound cheesy using GM modules..

My $.02---what do you all think?
Posted by: mrenaud

Re: I've found a great website! - 02/18/02 05:13 PM

I agree, that would be nice.

But as I already said, they have run out of money...
Posted by: Mr. Gould

Re: I've found a great website! - 03/22/02 06:11 PM

Thats too bad. Did these guys play there piano pieces and then change to midi?

or did they use a program like note worthy and make it all from there?
Posted by: Praetorian_AD

Re: I've found a great website! - 03/28/02 07:52 PM

Jgoo, how could God, if such a thing exists, 'create a rock He couldn't lift'? He works within the scope of infinity, therefore nothing done by his hand can have power over him. It even says it in some bible verse or other (devoted christian here, can ya tell?).