Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody 12

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Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody 12 - 11/28/12 03:07 AM

I like this Hungarian Rhapsody. It is one of my favourites. This performance is slightly slow (12.5 minutes) against the usual 10-11.5 minutes, but mostly a well balanced, musical account perhaps more akin to Chopin than Liszt.

Rachmaninoff's Prelude in Bb (Op23/2) and Balakirev's Life of the Tsar are close to being of a releasable standard. Of course I am also preparing Islamey. But for now:

Liszt's 12th Humgarian Rhapsody
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Re: Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody 12 - 11/29/12 05:52 PM

Originally Posted By: BachMach2
Of course I am also preparing Islamey.
Of course. smile