Weser Bros, Piano

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Weser Bros, Piano - 08/07/01 09:26 AM

Help Weser Bros. 5 peddles Pat. March 4th 1890 #422,477 thru Sept. 5th 1893 #504463 I think it is rose wood and hand carved. Where was it build? How old is it? and what is it worth? In good shape [img]null[/img]

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Re: Weser Bros, Piano - 08/07/04 01:03 PM

Wesser Piano Co., 520 W. 43rd St., N.Y. 18, Est. 1879 original owners John A. Wesser and brother W.S. Wesser.
There seems to be an additional digit in the serial # you listed. A 50400 series would have been manufactured in 1905.
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Re: Weser Bros, Piano - 08/30/04 03:14 PM

i have a decker bros.1892 black hancarved upright and was wondering if someone could verify some figure of value?