yamaha u3silent problem

Posted by: drazh

yamaha u3silent problem - 11/19/12 01:18 AM

l dont know if anyone here can help me but any advice is apreciated.
I have u3 silent,the acoustic part works very well but all b notes dont work and some c#.
 I dont know why? I asked a technician, a tuner who opened the lid. There was a red laser beam which pssed from right side to left side throgh a metal piece with a cleft for every note. If any object cut the laser beam there was sound, He cleaned them with cotton and temporarily the problem solved. But after several weeks the problem returned.
Sorry english is not my dirst language
thank you for help
Posted by: drazh

Re: yamaha u3silent problem - 11/20/12 12:20 AM

no digital expert here?
Posted by: CarloPiano

Re: yamaha u3silent problem - 11/20/12 03:25 AM

Your first post is quite difficult to read as you don't use any punctuation sign nor capitalize letters. If you rewrite it, you could obtain maybe more answers as there is fantastic people here with a great digital piano knowledge.
Posted by: spanishbuddha

Re: yamaha u3silent problem - 11/20/12 04:13 AM

Might be better asking on the tuner-technicians forum.

My advice would be get your tuner technician back!
Posted by: drazh

Re: yamaha u3silent problem - 11/20/12 03:09 PM

in fact I did and they recommended to ask in digital forum!
Posted by: CarloPiano

Re: yamaha u3silent problem - 11/21/12 03:53 AM

I own a B1 Silent. In my country Yamaha gives the acoustic part a 5 year warranty and only two years for the electronic part. Sorry for the obvious answer but this is what I would do if I've had a problem with my Silent piano:

- If the electronic part is still under warranty, call Yamaha today and ask for a technical revision at home. It's your right. If repair is not possible, they should replace the digital part for a new one.

- If not, instead of calling a regular piano technician, call to Yamaha to ask for a specialized technician and ask for a budget to go to your home and repair it.

Sorry for the obvious but I don't think we, regular people not electronic technician, can fix these things except for the easiest ones. Your issue looks to be a task for a specialized person.
Posted by: drazh

Re: yamaha u3silent problem - 11/21/12 04:50 AM

thanks for reply
i bought it second hand
there is no yamaha qualified technician in my town.
money is not my problem
i post it here to see if you guy had a similar experience
thanks anyway