Just intonation software

Posted by: Mark VC

Just intonation software - 01/18/13 07:01 PM

I've got a Yamaha P-105b, a mac, and a USB cable. And garageband and mainstage. Is there a way to play in just intonation with what I've got? I know, this is a newbie question, be nice!
Posted by: Charles Cohen

Re: Just intonation software - 01/18/13 11:59 PM

Check the manual! If it's possible to change the tuning _on the P105_, it'll be there.

On the Casio PX-350, there's a whole list of available temperaments -- and you get to pick the "base pitch" as well.

. Charles

PS -- alternative is to use the P105 as a MIDI source, and set "just termperament" in some PC software that "realizes" the MIDI signals as sounds. Outside my knowledge.
Posted by: Mark VC

Re: Just intonation software - 01/19/13 12:43 AM

Right, I was sort of hoping there might be mac software like this. Anyone know?
Posted by: o0Ampy0o

Re: Just intonation software - 01/19/13 01:10 AM

Something here might fit the bill:

Supposedly Pianoteq supports Just Intonation



Posted by: Mark VC

Re: Just intonation software - 01/19/13 09:58 AM