Posted by: Bronzee

P120 - 01/03/05 10:27 AM

I want to sell my p120 or get a sound module for it. Does anyone know some nice sound modules between 450.00-500.??? I like organs, pianos, strings, guitars and rodes. I like the s80 and s90 sounds..is there anything out there that have good sounds in that price range?? Thanks.
Posted by: Kenpcola

Re: P120 - 01/03/05 06:10 PM

No kidding.
A while back, you are praising that P120. Divorced so soon?
Posted by: Bronzee

Re: P120 - 01/03/05 06:38 PM

You got me mixed up with another person. But, i still love my p120. Is this ok?