Posted by: BronzeWomn

Kurzweil - 02/26/02 06:40 PM

Iam looking at purchasing a Kurzweil SP88 Stage Piano. I have looked around and I wanted to stay under $l,000... I like the sounds on it..it has many pianos features but hardly a bass and thats ok..I perfer my piano sounds overall. I found one to order for $992. Do you think this is a good price? What kind of speakers would u recommend for less then $250? Is this a nice product {Sp88}? Can I get the parts easy for repairment if needed? I fell in love with the sounds on this feature. I tried the Rd-150{roland} and I also tried the P80 {yamaha}...and I like the Kurzweil sounds better. I have a CRATE SPEAKER {50watts}...maybe I need a bigger one. I have a Clark and Nelson old nice piano so I want something for at home with 88keys and not disturb my family at nite time.
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Re: Kurzweil - 02/27/02 02:47 AM

When buying a digital piano, it is my opinion that you should buy the piano with the best (most pianolike) action you can find. The Kurzweil, as well as the Roland and Yamaha digitals have MIDI, so if you find an action you like, but you don't like the sounds, you can get a MIDI Piano module with the sounds you DO like. With this method you can upgrade cheaper, since you are only buying a small box instead of the entire keyboard. IF you like the action and sound of the Kurzweil best, then of course get it. I do not know if $992 is the best price, but it does seem reasonable, although I do not know what Kurzweils usually sell for. As far as your Crate, if you only use it at home, you DON'T need a bigger amp. Fifty watts is plenty of power. You may need a bigger speaker to handle the low notes better. You might try a good monitor system with a subwoofer for home use. If you like the sound of the piano through your Crate, then there is no need to get a new sound system. All three brands of pianos are good and should not require parts for many years.
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Re: Kurzweil - 02/27/02 01:45 PM

Thanks alot for you infromation. Iam sorry I made a mistake, its a SP88x and I don't know if they have the updating thingie or now.I agree, I think the SP88 does have a module for card, but the sp88x do not. I have to find this out...cause one day I may want to bring in other sounds.
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Re: Kurzweil - 02/27/02 08:50 PM

the "card" on the Kurzweil is not important. The MIDI capability (which both models would have) is more important. The MIDI piano module that Shadorunnr recommended is a separate piece of equipment possibly even made by another manufacturer. The idea is that as technology changes, your keyboard can stay viable as you upgrade through purchasing a tone module. If that doesn't make sense, you might want to read up a little on MIDI technology. It's really cool stuff.
Although I prefer the Roland to the Kurzweil, it's really very personal. Kurzweil makes great stuff. It's very well respected. If you know the manufacturer's list price, I can tell you if your price is a good one.
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Re: Kurzweil - 02/27/02 08:51 PM

Regarding speakers, do you need portability? Is stereo important?
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Re: Kurzweil - 02/28/02 02:55 PM

I would prefer stero sound. The overall with tax total is $992. for the SP88x. Sometimes I would will be taking my keyboard to church to play,, and its alot of speakers there already, we have an amp also. Yes, I seen the piano module..its nice..that will be something in the future. I just want these assortments to be on the market so I can upgrade. This Kurzweil is easy to select features and not confuse me..I need something simple that I can control fast and not having to pick up the manual everytime I want to select a certain sound etc. I used to have an aleisis 76 keyboard and that thing was kind of difficult ...if u touch the wrong feature you could knock the pitch and sound out of order. I ended up giving it to my nephew that needed it. I guess I would like to have a clear bass sound with this sp88x as a feature..but i have to stay within my price range. My thing is piano sounds overall to bass sounds. I would love one day to do a bass solo. I just play in my home for now,,doing alot of improvemnt lessons on the piano. In the future I will select an Roland KC300...or the 500. Thank you so much for your help. Oh..I was looking at the Sweetwater site and they wanted $1,200.- for the Kurzweil Sp88x. I thought that was a little ridiculous and with the shipping and handling...I would be able to purchase a piano module ...Ha...Ha! :rolleyes:
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Re: Kurzweil - 02/28/02 06:33 PM

a couple things:

Regarding the piano module, from your post I'm not sure that you realize that ANY tone module will work with any MIDI compatible keyboard (Kurzweil included). Therefore, if you decide to upgrade in three years, it doesn't matter that all the current tone modules will be discontinued. You simply buy the newest, coolest, best sounding module you can afford (even non-Kurzweil brands) and suddenly your Kurzweil has new life!!! Isn't MIDI great?

Also, regarding speakers, you might consider the Audix PH5 powered monitors. They're not very portable, but sounds great. They're about $240. If that's too much, I'd go with a "computer speaker" system that you'd find at a place like CompUSA, etc.

hope this helps.