P155 usb to PC

Posted by: Milk

P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 08:48 AM


I'm trying to plug in my P155 into my computer and use VST plugins to get a better sound. I bought a usb to usb cable, plugged it in the pc and in the keyboard.

I loaded the pianoteq trial and when I play a note on the keyboard I just hear the sound that originaly comes from it. I dont hear anything from the computer speakers.
Are there any things I have to install/change a setting to make this work?

Also another question:
I'm looking at the P155 manual and I only see a page about connecting midi to usb interface that allows me to connect my pc. Isn't the whole point of the usb port that I dont need an usb to midi interface?

Thanks in advance.


Posted by: Bunneh

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 08:59 AM

do you see the midi sounds as bars (whenever you strike a key) in the velocity window of PianoTeq? If yes, then the problem is the sound output. If not, the problem is with the midi connection.

Also, be sure that your piano is turned on and connected BEFORE you start Pianoteq. PT won't recognize a device that's turned on or connected after PT is already started.
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Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 09:08 AM

Theres a problem with the midi connection, I dont see any changes when I strike a key.

But can you confirm it does work like this;

[usb to usb cable.]
pc -- cable -- keyboard.

Thats suppose to do the same as midi to usb on the p155 right?
Posted by: Milk

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 09:16 AM

I think i have to switch a setting in my instrument to allow it to enable midi transmissioning. Thats what I read on some sites. No site tells me how to do this though.
Posted by: Kawai James

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 09:39 AM

When you initially connected the P155 to your computer, do you recall if there were any onscreen dialogues or prompts for drivers?
Depending on the operating system installed one your computer, you may need to install an additional driver to use the USB-MIDI functionality of the P155.

Alternatively, assuming that the P155's USB-MIDI connector has been detected and installed correctly, check the Sounds and Audio Devices control panel to ensure that the MIDI IN/MIDI OUT devices are correctly defined.

Finally, you may also be required to set the MIDI IN/MIDI OUT devices inside Pianoteq in order for the key presses to be recognised by the computer.

I hope this helps.

Posted by: Ángel Santana

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 09:41 AM


Have you check that the driver supplied with your Yamaha is properly installed? If so, you should be able to select it as input device.
Posted by: Milk

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 09:55 AM

I think I'm using the wrong cable.

I have an usb to usb cable.

I use this to connect the keyboard to the pc.

I installed a program called MusicDownloader from yamaha, and when I press connection check it gives an error.
Posted by: Bunneh

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 10:45 AM

I only have a Roland, but make sure you use the correct USB port on the P155. Mine has one for PC-to-Keyboard (Midi-over-USB) and a 2nd for a USB stick for song storage!

The PC-to-keyboard cable you need for my Roland is different from yours:

(the cable). It's the same cable you use for connecting USB printers.
Posted by: ChrisA

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 11:04 AM

The P155 does NOT have a USB to host interface. The USB port on the P155 is for a storage device and can't be used to conect a computer.

You need to use those two round MIDI jacks.

The good news is that MIDI is "universally compatible" and will work with other midi devices, not just computers and will even work with the computer you buy in 10 years which may not even have USB.

The bad news is that you will need to buy a MIDI to USB adaptor. You can spend about $35 for the kind that looks like a cable with a bump in the middle or more for an audio interface with built-in MIDI. The later is good if you need the audio interface anyway as it reduces the total number of cables and clutter.

Should you want to try Pianoteq now, without buyinf a MIDI/USB interface. Put a memory stick in the USB port and save your performance to the memory stick then transfer the stick to the computer and have you software instrument play the midi file. It's not real-time but you do get to hear it.
Posted by: athomik

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/02/09 11:08 AM

The USB connector on the P155 is known as a "USB to Device" connection, i.e. you can only use it to connect to USB storage devices. To connect the P155 to a USB port on a computer, a MIDI to USB converter, such as Yamaha's UX16 will do the job.
Posted by: Milk

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/03/09 06:24 PM

Argh, I didnt know that. Thanks.

I've been looking for a midi to usb interface, I see them in all kinds of price ranges. Should I pay attention to any specific parts?
I have no AMP or very good soundcard so I think the interface shouldnt be too expensive?

What would be the difference between:




Posted by: ChrisA

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/03/09 07:52 PM

When you choose an interface look for one that claims to be "class compliant" that means it will work on a Mac on recent Windows computer with no drivers. Or more accurately with the drivers that come built-in to the operating system.

Also if you have a choice you want one that has activity indicator LEDs. This helps a lot when you have to figure out why something is not working. For example you can verify that data is being sent when a key is pressed.)
Posted by: Milk

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/05/09 11:16 AM

Hey, here I am again smile

I bought a midi to usb interface, and due to recommendation I bought one which shows a light when a midi signal is sended.

I have a switch on there with "Midi thru", I turned that off and when I press a key the light "midi in" turns red.

I plugged it in my pc and booted up pianoteq, I dont get any sound from my pc when I press a key though. Anyone experienced the same?

I plugged in both the midi out and midi in in my keyboard, thats correct right?

Posted by: ChrisA

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/05/09 12:00 PM

Sorry, I don't know anything about Windows based PCs except that they take some effort to set up. So I can only offer generic advice.

The way to debug this (on any computer) is to take baby steps. For example

1) can the PC play sound at all? For example can you hear MP3 files when you play them inside iTunes or what ever media player you have? If so then you know the speakers are working. If not then you've found the problem.

2) Is there a way to list all of the USB devices plugged into the PC? (There must be.) Check that your MIDI cable and all other USB devices all show up on that list. Some times USB ports reach their power limit and refuse to supply power to a device. Check that the list is accurate by putting in and removing a USB memory stick and seeing that the list reacts.

3) Can you play a Standard Midi File through Pianoteq?

4) I assume there must be at least some kind simple MIDI recording software that came with the PC. Does that work? This will show that midi data gets into the PC. If not hunt up some free MIDI sequencing software, you will want it at some point anyway. As you will want to record and edit you performances.

Posted by: Milk

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/05/09 12:18 PM


It finally works. I installed new drivers for the interface instead of the promoted: "No drivers needed!".
It works now, I do have some delay sadly, My pianoteq says: 2176 samples 45.3ms

I have no delay if I put it all the way to 128 samples , 2.3ms

I got no idea what the samples mean though.
Posted by: Bunneh

Re: P155 usb to PC - 12/06/09 01:32 PM

less samples means less buffer. If you have too few samples of buffer, you'll get crackling sound. Set it as low as you can without the sound breaking up wink