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Other Piano Sites, Misc., & Information

  • Piano Directory - Add Your Site
    - The first human edited directory for all things piano

    Music and the arts… vital to every child’s education…SupportMusic can help you revive your community’s commitment!
    Make music a key part of your school and community. Build a case for music in school. Face the challenges with the resources offered here.

    Learn Jazz Piano
    If you are into Jazz piano, or would like to be, this is the site for you. Nice clean site, well done. Tons of information, lessons, forums, and more. Check it out.

    A Passion for Jazz
    Another great Jazz site. The name says it all. Visit them today.

    The world's favourite online classical music subscription offering listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge.


  • David Nevue, pianist/composer
    "If you're into Yanni, George Winston, or Jim Brickman's solo piano music, you'll love this..."


  • Young Composers
    This is a website where young composers have submitted their works and you can listen to them. These composers are talented.


  • DeBence Antique Music World
    Located in Franklin, PA ... see and hear over 100 old-time automatic musical instruments (great pictures!). Calliopes, Carousel Band Organs, Music Boxes, Nickelodeons and Orchestrions

  • Piano 300
    The Piano 300 Exhibition at the Smithonian Institution, Celebrating Three Centuries of People and Pianos .


  • This site lists a number of "top" sites for various instruments. Check out the piano section or any of the many other instruments listed.
  • Stanley Taub Sculptor

  • The artist has created incredible sculptors of Arthur Rubinstein and Vladimir Horowitz.
  • The Howe Collection of Musical Instrument Literature: Piano Series
  • chronicles the history of piano manufacturers, mainly in the United States.
  • The Piano Education Page

  • Hundreds of pages of information about the piano. Includes learning materials, a kids section and much more.
  • The International Piano Archives
  • at Maryland is a renowned archival collection of recorded piano performances.
  • Piano On The Net
  • ... Piano Lessons on the Internet! Want to take piano lessons but can't find the time? Check out this great site today!
  • ... Piano Fortè ... A wonderful collection of original piano music by David Nevue as well as some carefully chosen links and information.
    Includes downloadable samples of his music.
  • Player-Care
  • ... A great source of information about player pianos! Technical information, supplies, rolls and more.
  • PianoDisc
  • ... PianoDisc . . . Convert any piano into a Player Piano !
  • Internet Music Pages
  • ... The Internet Music Pages. Links, jobs, news, listings and more!

  • Allexperts Music
  • Q&A: Ask volunteer experts questions about your favorite musical groups!
  • Fabrizio Ferrari's Musicians Page

  • Free sheet music, Live Musicians search engine and Free musicians resources
  • The Music Museum
  • .. The Music Museum is a great source of pictures and information about all types of antique and unusual musical instruments. Tell them Piano World sent you.
  • The Piano Page
  • ... Home of The Piano Technician's Guild. A great source of information about the piano. (Please tell them Piano World sent you).

  • QRS

  • ... QRS , Player Rolls, Pianomation Systems, Story & Clark Pianos!
    Get your player rolls here, add a Pianomation system to your piano, check out Story & Clark pianos!
  • Dampp-Chaser

  • Complete climate control systems for your piano.
    The Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate Control System protects your instrument and its more than 9000 parts from the ravages of improper humidity levels.
  • To learn how music can help in treating injuries

  • Welcome To Sharons'
  • ... Great information about Jazz, Classical, Musicals and Music Education.

  • Pianos By Rosch
  • ...Visit our friends at Pianos By Rosch today.
    Canada's only piano remanufacturers. (Tell them Piano World sent you).

  • PianoDisc
  • ... Turn your play old piano into a Player Piano!

  • Jazclass
  • - Outstanding Jazz Education site with Regular Music Lessons on Jazz, Blues, Saxophone Technique and music principles.
    Also available Email Courses and Music Books by Michael Furstner.

  • U.K. Piano Page
    Lots of great stuff here. Visit our friends in the UK today!

  • Randy Potter School of Piano Technology.

  • Acoustical Society of America
  • Senior Search
    Geared toward the over 50 crowd. Lots of great information and links.

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Music Education

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Piano Dealers

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  • Piano Today
    For pianists with an interest in Classical Music and Jazz, our publication is filled with intriguing things to play: great pieces from all eras and styles, jazz arrangements by today's top artists, inside stories, lessons and playing tips, and a whole section just for beginning level. It's a masterpiece of a magazine!
  • Keyboard Magazine's Keyboard Central
  • Web Site
  • International Piano Quarterly
  • A great publication full of information for the piano enthusiast.

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