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Pianos on Parade!
FREE Screen Saver

Piano World's Own Piano Screen Saver

Pianos on Parade, a fully functional screen saver, features 18 slides of unusual pianos from the book "Piano" by David Crombie.

If you like pianos, you'll love "Pianos On Parade!"
(See a Sample Picture below.)

Download Now
  • 1.) To download the Pianos on Parade screen saver, click on either the http (regular link) or ftp connection (the links are below these instructions). This is a zip file so you will need something to unzip it. If you don't have an unzip utility there are a number of them available at download.com. (Enter "unzip" as the search criteria, without the quotes). For Windows, Winzip is one of the better ones, but we will leave that up to you.

  • 2.) Make a note of where the file was downloaded to, you will need to find it again! Navigate to the folder/directory containing the INSTALL.zip file you just downloaded and double click it. If you have an unzip utility this should automatically launch the utility (if it doesn't, you either don't have one or you need to manually launch the utility and point it to the zip file).

  • 3.) "unzip" the file (it is called INSTALL.zip). Your unzip utility may automatically give you the option to install the screen saver, but just in case it doesn't make a note of where it unzipped the file to. If you have to manually install, you will need to navigate to where the file was unzipped and find the install.exe file, double click and follow the instructions. If your unzip utility does give you the option to install the screen saver, go ahead and follow the prompts.

  • 4.) Once the screen saver is installed you will need to make it your active screen saver. In Windows 95/98 you can right click anywhere on the desk top and choose "properties", next choose "screen saver". Scroll through the list and find Pianos on Parade. Click on Pianos on Parade, set the wait time (time before screen saver kicks in), click "apply", then click "OK". You should be all set.

  • Our screen saver was thoroughly scanned before it was zipped (using two different virus detectors with the latest definitions) and is virus free.

  • Because there are so many different computer systems with different software, operating systems etc. Piano World cannot be held responsible for any possible problems caused by our screen saver. We have tested it thoroughly on a number of systems and found it to work fine. If you experience any problems with your computer after installing/running Pianos on Parade, simply repeat the steps for activating the screen saver but choose "none" or another screen saver, then apply and say ok. As with installing any software, it is always a good idea to make backups first (a good habit).

  • You may freely distribute the Pianos on Parade screen saver, all we ask is that you tell them where you got it.
PC Version

FTP: Pianos on Parade (PC) [3.3MB]

http: Pianos on Parade (PC) [3.3MB]
The file is called INSTALL.zip

This is a 3.3MB file, it could take a while to download on a slow connection!

Mac Version
I'm not a Mac user, sorry I can't provide the instructions for Mac.
If any Mac users would like to download the screensaver and let me know how it works (and how you install it), I would appreciate it.

FTP: Pianos on Parade (Mac - sea) [3.3MB]
FTP: Pianos on Parade (Mac - stuffed) [3.3MB]

http: Pianos on Parade (Mac) [3.3MB]

  • Kathy M. of Columbus, OH ... "I love my screen saver! The pictures are gorgeous"
  • Dan P. of Windsor, NJ ... "People in my office stop by just to see the screen saver ... "
  • Sue K. of Chicago, IL ... "I'm not getting any work done. I just want to sit and watch the screen saver!"

The 18 pianos in our screen saver are all from the book Piano by David Crombie and are used with permission of the publisher.
The pictures are all copyrighted and are the property of Balafon Books of the UK.
Any copying, reproduction, or display of these pictures other than using the Pianos on Parade screen saver is strictly prohibited (and against the law).

Screen Saver Example Picture - Hupfeld Violin Player
Sample picture from Pianos on Parade - Hupfeld Violin/Player Piano

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