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Convert MIDI files to Sheet Music!

by Notation Software, Inc.
for Windows
Notation Musician's built-in Internet browser helps you find and download MIDI and Karaoke files, and converts them to sheet music which you can print or view on the screen during playback!
To download a free 30-day trial version of the Notation Musician software,
click here:

Free Trial


Notation Musician Features:

  • Downloads and unzips MIDI and Karaoke files from the Internet with a built-in browser.
  • Converts MIDI and Karaoke files to sheet music.
  • Lets you correct music notation errors Notation Musician might make in transcribing the MIDI file to the score.
  • Prints entire score, or selected instrument parts, and any selected range of measures.
  • Analyzes the harmonies of a score to determine and display chord names, such as C7, Dm, Gmaj7, and C79.
  • Plays back score while highlighting notes.
  • Automatically turns pages.
  • Offers control of tempo and per-instrument volume during playback.
  • Lets you practice a section of song in a repeat loop with optionally increasing tempo.

Notation Musician converts MIDI files to scores more accurately than any music software offered at any price!

Use Notation Musician for entertainment, music practice, and study:

  • Print free sheet music from a MIDI file if you cannot find the score in a local store or catalogue.
  • Sing along or play your instrument, while reading the score from the screen with accompaniment.
  • If you hear a MIDI song arranged as you would like to play it, now you can see the notes and learn them.
  • If you compose or arrange music, study the scores of your favorite songs or pieces as they play.
  • Focus your listening and study of scores by adjusting volume levels of selected instruments, and by slowing down the tempo.

Additional Features:

  • Formats score to fit any printer page size, and any window size without scrollbars.
  • Displays and prints notes at any point size.
  • Merges lyrics and melody tracks to create vocal parts.
  • Creates "fake book" style sheet music by analyzing and displaying chords, and merging the lyrics and melody tracks.
  • Includes jazz/swing transcription option which displays quarter note plus eighth note triplets as simple eighth note pairs, for example.
  • Intelligently splits piano/keyboard tracks in to left- and right-hand staves.
  • Extracts instrument parts for printing or selective viewing on screen.
  • Optionally hides empty staves.
  • Lets you transpose instrument parts, insert key signatures and clef changes.
  • Lets you reassign tracks to different MIDI instrument sounds.
  • Lets you delete written-out repeats in a MIDI file, replacing them with notated repeat marks.
  • Lets you jump to another song location during playback.
  • Optionally mutes selected instruments, or solos an instrument (while muting all others) during playback.
  • Saves and recalls the locations of your favorite MIDI file web sites as bookmarks in folders you define.
  • Supports external MIDI devices connected via your sound card MIDI Out connector(s).

To download a free 30-day trial version of Notation Musician, click here!


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